Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm a grandma!!!

My two spoiled feathered children, Tito and Moriela hatched their first egg today. The process has been stressful - Tito is not too bright and Moe is rather picky - so we didn't think this would ever happen. But we now have one ugly baby bird chirping away.

The process:

1. Sitting on the eggs:

(Tito is the dark grey, Moe is the cinnamon)

2. Three eggs layed over 9 days:

3: A few weeks later we hear the cheep cheep of one very ugly naked baby:

(If you look under Moe's wing you can see a baby)

Once Tito and Moe got it all cleaned off it was a fluffy white baby, so I think the yellow is just from being in the shell.

I'll update with more pictures as more babies hatch (hopefully) and they grow.

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