Monday, February 1, 2010

1/12 of the way through the new year... (is it really new any more?)

Although I would like to say the new year brought about some huge changes in my life, I can't. But it has brought many many small ones, and they are all for the better.

1. I've decided since I'm not thrilled with my current station in life I'm going to change it. I know so many people have it so much worse than me, and one day I will help them better themselves, but the only thing keeping me where I am is me.
A note on where I am:
I work as a waitress, which isn't a terrible job, but with a BA from the University of Illinois I should be able to get something a little more..ummm..*REAL JOB*-ish.
I live in Champaign, IL. Again, not terrible, but I miss my family in Chicago and everything else.
My boyfriend and his sister live in my apartment with me. I HATE living with his sister.
I usually feel like I don't have many friends or anyone to just go grab a cup of tea or some lunch or anything...

After a little reflection I realized every one of these things is in my control. I don't have an illness or something else I can't change. I can get a new job, move to a city, and be a little more outgoing...problems solved. (Yes, I know this shouldn't have come as a huge revelation, but it kinda did). My problem has always been doing things for other people and not for myself. I stayed in Champaign after graduating from college for my boyfriend. I said his sister could move in with us because it seemed to mean a lot to him. I kept my job in Champaign because my boss depends on me for a lot of errands and I don't want to screw him over. Not once did I think "You know, Anna, these choices will probably come back to bite you in the butt in a month or two..." So, I'm staying in Champaign because I'm here now, but I'm putting job applications out in Chicago. I've let the boyfriend and the sister know that moving is inevitable. And for once, I feel like I'm getting somewhere.

2. Since my New Year's Resolution was to make new friends, I joined Ravelry. It's beyond amazing. After being a member for a month (2 weeks?) I feel like I'm a part of a group. People talk to me and respond to me; I can have lighthearted conversations and just meet people from around the world. And it's about fiber arts so what could be better?

Annnd I just realized I sound like a stupid lost puppy: "People love me...hooray, who's gonna pet me next?" Oh well...the joys of having a blog that I write (and, as far as I know, nobody reads)... I can sound pathetic and it's nobody's business but my own.

3. I designed my first actual pattern. It's not too much more complicated than my dryer ball idea, but it's awesome and I made it. And it has to do with Harry Potter, one of the many loves of my life. I'll post it soon, with pictures, but right now I can't. You see, I'm in a Ravelry swap and my swapee can't know what I'm making (although the swapee doesn't know who I am, so maybe it's not as big of a deal...meh, surprises all around are much more fun anyway).

As soon as my package is recieved I'll post more info.

As always,

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